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How Celebrities Fight the Incontinence Taboo

Celebrities Open Up about their Incontinence


Hollywood is associated with glamour and beauty. Almost every celebrity you see has a personal trainer who keeps them fit, and dietician that keeps them glowing and healthy. And on top of that, celebrities are airbrushed to look even more spotless than they already are. While this lifestyle can be fun and entertaining, it’s also very high pressure. To maintain your glamourous image take a lot of work, and celebrities with incontinence struggle even harder to maintain this image.


Because incontinence is such a taboo subject, many people don’t address it, admit that they have it, or even seek treatment. This is such a shame, because incontinence is such a common condition. If more people were open about their condition, others will be more comfortable in their own skin.


Thankfully, a lot of celebrities have been “coming out” about their incontinence. Celebrities are real people too, and suffer from the same conditions we all do. Their bravery is commendable because they have to abandon the flawless Hollywood image, in order to get the message across that “You are not alone. Do not suffer in silence!”. Celebrities, while they may not be political figures, can be a real voice for the people. So those celebrities who publicly address their incontinence speak for sufferers all over the world.


More and more celebrities are “coming out” about their incontinence, because it affects their daily lives just as much as anyone else who suffers from this condition. Female celebrities struggle to wear the gowns and styles that are very much required to keep a glamourous image. Even male celebrities need to wear adult absorbent briefs while they are shooting on set. These celebrities have also reported that sometimes they have to neglect their absorbent incontinence supplies in order to look a certain way. Working in Hollywood is physically and emotionally demanding, so dealing with incontinence can make the Hollywood lifestyle pretty difficult.


These are common issues among all those who suffer from incontinence. Half of the battle is remaining discreet while wearing your absorbent technology. Incontinent celebrities and working adults all find it hard to maintain their leakage at while work. But if we are more open about this issue, it will be emotionally easier for everyone to sport their adult briefs, dispose of them, and own their condition.


Kris Jenner, known for her reality show “Keeping Up with The Kardashians”, is publicly open about her incontinence. Kris Jenner keeps it real when she says,“People think they’re the only ones dealing with this… When you realize that the woman sitting next to you is probably going through the same thing, you feel less lonely.” And she is quite right.


Debbie Reynolds, known for Singing in the Rain and The Unsinkable Molly Brown (also the mother of Carrie Fisher, “Princess Leia”) had to go through a very lonely time when she first experienced incontinence. Debbie Reynolds discussed how she would have to plan her trips in advance, to ensure she had bathroom access, but sometimes she would avoid long trips all together. She was embarrassed to discuss her condition so she avoided many activities and let it limit her lifestyle. But once Debbie was open with her friends about it, she was surprised to find out she was not alone.


Debbie Reynolds then publicly addressed the issue, and shared with other sufferer, “it turned out, many of them (my friends) had experienced the same problem, but they had gotten help. They encouraged me to speak with my doctor, and now I am glad I did. Not only did I receive treatment, but I also learned that I’m one of 17 million Americans with a condition known as overactive bladder. (And, the majority are women!)”


Whoopie Goldberg also struggles with bladder leakage, a specific condition called light bladder leakage or LBL. She wants to get rid of the taboo, so she decided to work with Poise to get the message out there: You are not alone! Whoopie Goldberg has made a comedy series that reflects that 1 in 3 women have bladder control issues, as a part of Poise’s “1 in 3 Like Me” campaign. They can be found on YouTube and are absolutely hilarious, relevant and educational!


Samuel L. Jackson, known for his stirring box-office hits like Pulp Fiction, developed a loss of bladder control. He said he was embarrassed at first, and had a hard time accepting his condition. But soon he, “realized that this was a problem that millions of Americans dealt with every day.” Once he accepted his incontinence he was able to enjoy a comfortable and active lifestyle by investing in absorbent incontinence supplies. He even wears his adult briefs will working on movie sets.


Tony Romo is not your typical movie celebrity, but being a famous pro football player for the Dallas Cowboys is definitely a glamourous position. This starting quarterback developed incontinence while he was training for the 2009 NFL season. He had a serious bladder infection, and ended up acquiring overactive bladder (OAB). But Tony toughed it out and didn’t let his incontinence stop him from succeeding in his active lifestyle. He chose to embrace absorbent briefs while practicing on the field.


There are many other celebrities that suffer from incontinence as well, both young and old. Katy Perry, known for her famous pop singles, reported that she had to wear adult diapers all throughout high school. Perry admitted that wearing adult diapers to school wasn’t the greatest experience, but it made her a stronger, more understanding person. Stephen King, the King of Horror Literature, also reports that he suffers from incontinence. King publicly announced without shame that he keeps his adult diapers on his bedside table. Even the beautiful, Oscar Winning, Kate Winslet is an incontinence sufferer – and she says her case is bl**dy awful! But she remains to be incredibly happy and successful.


These celebrities are helping incontinence sufferers all over the world feel better about their condition. Because celebrities have a public voice and image, they are educating the world about the commonality of incontinence. Do not suffer in silence and take control of your life. They are!


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