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8 Tips on How to Deal with Overactive Bladder at Work

Many people with overactive bladder and urinary incontinence issues think dehydrating yourself will lessen urination. But this just isn’t true. Initially you will experience less leakage, but very soon your dehydration will work against you. Read More...

How to Control Incontinence on a Flight

You may think it’s already hard to control incontinence, so it’s impossible to control incontinence on a flight. But that isn’t so. Incontinence does not stop you from traveling to Paris. You stop yourself from traveling to Paris. Read More...

Why do Prostate Issues cause Incontinence in Men?

Unfortunately, prostate issues are very common among men, and the number of those affected increase with each year. Along with prostate issues often comes Urinary Incontinence; just another unfortunate symptom in an already devastating prostate condition. Read More...

Why is a Physical Therapist Important for Incontinence?

Incontinence can be controlled by a number of different behavioral changes. Simple tweeks in your diet and exercise plans can help bladder and bowl control significantly. If you see a physical therapist that specializes in incontinence, you will gain Read More...