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How Young Pop Stars Have Leakage Too

Katy Perry and Fergie talk about the condition that is not ageist


Many people who experience incontinence feel insecure that it is their body failing on them. That they are getting old and they feel unattractive. Well, bowel and bladder leakage is not a normal part of aging. Yes more older people have incontinence, but it is due to other health conditions that occur in older people. Incontinence itself is not an “elderly” condition. People of all ages experience leakage for a number of different reasons. Katy Perry and Fergie, both young and successful celebrities happen to be very vocal about their leakage experiences.


Katy Perry


Pop singer, A-List celebrity Katy Perry is an incredible musical talent, countlessly topping the charts with her hit songs. This superstar not only owns the stage, but also owns her incontinence.


Katy Perry, 31, grew up in the quaint and beautiful seaside city of Santa Barbara. Surrounded by glamorous students who were always Southern California beach bod  ready, Perry went to school every day with her own little secret. Incontinence. Throughout high school Perry suffered from bladder leakage. Because of her heavy urinary complications, she wore discreet adult diapers to school every day.


“Most people don’t know this, but I actually wore diapers pretty regularly during high school,” Perry says.


And her incontinence case was especially frustrating. She went to numerous physicians, but non could pinpoint the exact cause of her symptoms. She underwent countless treatments, “I went through a number of different treatments for loss of bladder control, and at first it seemed like nothing was going to work.” But Perry didn’t give up. Eventually her doctors realized her bladder leakage was caused by a urinary tract infection, and she found a treatment that worked. She took all the right steps with diet changes and specific exercises along with the other treatments for her urinary incontinence.  Eventually she found a treatment that worked and was able to gain control over her bladder.


Perry worked hard to find a treatment and refused to let her incontinence control her life. “Looking back I can’t say that I enjoyed wearing diapers in high school, but I think that the whole experience made me a stronger and more understanding person.”


While not every incontinent person is as lucky as Perry in gaining complete control over their bladder, she is proof that hard work and treatment will significantly improve your life. She is also proof that people of any age can acquire and experience symptoms of incontinence.




Fergie has been a household name since the early 90’s. She’s rocked tours all over the world with her epic vocals and incredible talent as a performer. Her band The Black Eyed Peas is almost the “coca-cola” of success in the music bizz, and when she branched off to embrace a solo career, she killed it!


Fergie, 40, is an incredibly successful and respected performer, and she has experienced incontinence. Back in 2005 when Fergie was 30 years old, she experienced urinary leakage onstage at a concert in San Diego. And it was very obvious. At first she didn’t notice she had wet her pants, but as soon as she did, “Somebody brought out these champagne bottles because it was the New Year, and I basically opened one up and squirted it all over myself, so nobody would notice.” Fergie recounts.


Embarrassed at first, Fergie tried to claim it was sweat. This embarrassment is relatable to anyone who experiences incontinence, especially if you had bladder leakage, on stage, in front of thousands of people and broadcasted for the world on New Years day. Soon she just came out with it and admitted to having a couple drinks before the show and forgetting to use the restroom. The next thing she knew, “We were jumping around – it was all very rock ‘n’ roll – and my bladder just started… you know…”


Fergie laughed it off when she revealed the truth, because she realized it was nothing to be ashamed of! It’s so common! She informed the world that even young and active pop stars can experience bladder leakage. It happens!


Other celebrities who experience leakage at a young age include Elizabeth Hasselbeck, known for Fox & Friends and The View, and Sarah Silverman, a famous comedian.


Don’t let your incontinence make you feel unattractive or weak.  Anyone and everyone can experience leakage at one point in their life, no matter what age they are. The real takeaway from these young celebrities who opened up, is that you need to embrace your condition and love yourself.

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