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5 Ways to stay Fashionable with Incontinence: Women’s Edition

Incontinence Fashion is Here!


As Oscar Wilde once said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Those with incontinence may find it hard to remain stylish, and maintain leakage. This is especially true if you are recently diagnosed with your condition, and the incontinent lifestyle is new to you. Or those with severe incontinence may struggle to conceal their heavy absorbent briefs. But have no fear, awesome incontinence fashion is here! The more you learn about your condition, the more fulfilling of  a lifestyle you will lead. Think of incontinence as an opportunity to get creative with your style, and take these tips into consideration.


1. Leggings


lysse leather leggings dry depot     lysse incontinence fashion dry depot


Leggings come in all different colors, styles, and forms. High waisted leggings are the best option for those with incontinence. Why? The high waist provides extra support for your pelvic floor muscles, by compressing your lower abdomen. Leggings are also very easy to remove and pull on, so frequent bathroom visits become faster and easier.


The stretchy high waist also flattens the appearance of your adult briefs. For those with lighter incontinence, leggings can completely conceal your absorbent liner or guard. Leggings are stretchy enough to fit any body type, and over any adult brief.


Many people may think leggings are just yoga pants, or something to wear under a billowy/long blouse. While this is true, leggings are also much more than that. Companies like Lysse, create denim, leather, suede, and cotton leggings! You can mix up your style every day and remain fashionable. From a tight leather pant weekend to a denim wearing workday, make your friends jealous with your comfortable, incontinence fashion.


2. Billowy Dresses


When you hear billowy dress you might think of your grandmother’s Mu Mu, but you’re so wrong! Billowy dresses come in many different shapes and sizes, just like you. A billowy dress conceals adult pull ups or liners for the obvious reason, it billows right over! Your typical billowy dress hangs from your shoulders or collar bones and billows out over your abdomen and hips. Again, you might think, “How could a billowy dress be flattering if it doesn’t contour my body?” Well there isn’t one type of billowy dress. Depending on your shoulder width, waist size, and height, you can find the perfect dress.


The Baby Doll


american apparel babydoll dress incontinence fashion dry depot


Perfect for casual wear! If it’s cold outside, pull on some cute tights (which provide more coverage by compressing your absorbent wear) with a pair of boots and spice up the outfit. These dresses are from American Apparel, which has a wide variety of adorable baby doll dresses.


The High Collar


urban outfitter halter incontinence fashion dry depot urban outfitters halter dress incontinence fashion dry depot


High Collar dresses make for an interesting and edgy look. Urban Outfitters has a large collection of high collar dresses, both casual and clubby. Show off your incontinence fashion in this awesome evening wear!


The Halter


forever 21 halter dress incontinence fashion dry depot forevor 21 halter dress incontinence fashion dry depot


The Halter Dress! It’s got a “fit and flare” style that can work for both casual days and elegant nights. These dresses can be found at Forever 21, but you can find this style almost anywhere.


The Maxi


forever 21 maxi dress incontinence fashion dry depot forevor 21 long dress


Forever 21


The Shirt Dress


forever 21 shirt dress incontinence fashion dry depot 2 forevor 21 shirt dress incontinence fashion dry depot


Forever 21


I could go on about billowy dresses but the list is ENDLESS! Not only can you wear a fashionable dress, but it’s also incontinence-friendly. When you have to rush to the bathroom for a quick leak or change, all you have to do is lift your dress up, and let it fall back down. You couldn’t ask for easier incontinence fashion.


3. Tunics


Tunics a great option to throw over your LEGGINGS! Or any sort of pants/tights/shorts. If your tunic is long enough, you can even wear it by itself, which makes it…another billowy dress! Tunics drape over your hips and or bottom to create a delicate, flowy look, while concealing any absorbent wear.


free people tunic dry depot incontinence fashion freepeople tunic dry depot incontinence fashion


You can find super cute, sexy, or casual tunics everywhere. My personal favorites (like these two above) are from FreePeople and Anthropologie.


4. High-Waisted Jeans


If your a jeans lover but find them hard to wear with your briefs, try high-waisted jeans! High-waisted jeans are so trendy right now, you’ll fit right in with this pro incontinence fashion. High-waisted jeans offer the same kind of assistance leggings do. They compress the abdomen and support your pelvic floor muscles. They also flatten any sort of adult brief you may be wearing. Jeans are different from leggings because they are made of thicker material. This thick material will make the lines of your adult diaper more discreet. If you wear a discreet adult diaper with these extra discreet high-waisted jeans, you’re in business!


h&m high waisted jeans incontinence fashion dry depot


From H & M


5. Kimonos


Kimonos are all the rage right now. They’re great for providing extra warmth or just a little attitude into your outfit. They also have great front and back coverage so you can remain chic while wearing an adult brief. Incontinence fashion pushes the limit with this daring style piece! Add a cute little belt if you want full frontal coverage.


kimono incontinence fashion dry depot                                        Vintage


kimono incontinence fashion dry depot                                                                            Forever 21


If kimonos aren’t your style, any sort of lengthy cardigan or coat will do the same trick.


If you’re a fashionista, don’t let incontinence stop you from expressing yourself through style! These style tips apply to young and mature women. Every one of these outfits can fit your comfort level.


Fashion is diverse and unique, and so are you. Combine these tips with a discreet adult brief and people will be complimenting you all day. Get creative with your incontinence wear, and rock your incontinence fashion.

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