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Coping With and Preventing Incontinence After Childbirth

For most women being pregnant is a life-changing experience. It’s a time full of joy, personal growth, anxiety, wonderment and a bit of discomfort. Everyone will tell you to cherish your pregnancy because after all, it’s a gift – but what most people won’t tell you is that after your bundle of joy is brought into the world, some changes may happen to your body that you would have never expected.rnrnOne of the major adjustments that many women have to make after childbirth is coping with adult incontinence also known as “stress incontinence”. Up to 30% of women who have given birth both vaginally or by C-section will experience some degree of stress incontinence, which can last up to a year after delivery.rnrnStudies have shown that women who are overweight are up to four-times more likely to develop stress incontinence after childbirth, while smokers also carry the same increase in developing incontinence as well.rnrnIf you find yourself to be part of the 30% of women who’s experiencing postpartum incontinence, we here at DryDepot are here to help! We’ve listed a few tried and true methods to help you keep your clothes dry and your focus on what really matters – your baby.rn

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  • To ease your symptoms, make a habit of doing Kegel exercises as often as possible. The best part about Kegels is that nobody will know you’re doing them! You can do them in the car, at your desk or while your little one is feeding. If you need help figuring out the correct technique, talk to your healthcare practitioner or OBGYN.
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  • Try one of the many varieties of adult incontinence products that are on the market today and available at From pads to full coverage briefs, there’s something for every unique body and situation – gone are the days of being limited to an adult diaper! It’s a worthwhile investment to protect your clothes and your sanity.
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  • Say “buh-bye” to Starbucks …for now. Cutting down on your caffeine intake is a great way to lessen the odds of having a surprise leak when you sneeze, laugh or cough. Try switching to decaffeinated green tea as a way to both help your incontinence and get some super-powered antioxidants into your life!
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rnFor those readers who have been experiencing postpartum incontinence issues for more than a month, it’s recommended that you seek out Pelvic Rehab Physical Therapy. You can find a link to a practitioner near you by clicking on our “Physician Locator” tab!

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