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Lose Weight and Still Have Fun with this Secret

Easily Lose Weight to Alleviate Incontinence


So what’s this “fun secret” to losing weight I’m talking about? Taking it easy, and slowing down. Weight loss is a great way to alleviate your incontinence. You get rid of that excess weight on your bladder and strengthen your body so you can battle incontinence symptoms. This fun secret to losing weight isn’t just for people with incontinence though, it works for everybody! So learn how slowing it down and taking it easy can help you lose weight.


Everyone wants to lose weight fast. How to lose 10 pounds in two weeks! Lose twenty pounds in one month! The list of extreme diets and exercises are endless. While many of these quick weight loss plans work (yes, if you eat only 1,200 calories a day of course you will lose weight, you are essentially starving yourself) they are not realistic. Most people who actually need to lose weight can’t break into completely different lifestyles. It’s hard for most people in general to form completely different lifestyles! So yeah, if you want to lose 10 pounds in two weeks (which I don’t think is possible) you have to go hard and fast. But if you want to effectively lose actual fat, you should slow down and take it easy on your body and mind.


The lose weight quick plans generally don’t burn actual fat. They make you lose a ton of water weight so you look thinner right away, but you’re not actually shedding real pounds. Losing weight quickly can also lead to gaining weight quickly. Because you are going to such extremes to lose weight, it may backfire. You will crave the things you gave up and dread working out. A healthy diet and proper exercise are essential to proper weight loss, so doing the opposite will deter you from your goal. This is why you naturally progress into a healthy lifestyle.


The Secret to Exercise


The recommended amount of exercise a day is 30 minutes of moderate exercise. Moderate exercise means you are slightly out of breath. Getting this amount of exercise is hard for people who work sedentary jobs. After sitting at your desk and working for 8 hours all you want to do is go home, turn off your mind eat and sleep. I get it! Most people who create these quick weight loss plans will push you to get up early and run or go to the gym after work. These are both great ideas, but again, not realistic for most people. To get your 30 minutes of moderate exercise you should either break up your exercises throughout the day, or slowly reach to your goal. Get up every half an hour and walk around the office for five minutes. Try doing some sit ups or push ups if you can (these exercises strengthen your muscles, so even when you aren’t working out your strong muscles will burn more calories for fuel). Take the stairs instead of the elevator and park far away from your destination. Every little step in your day counts (10,000 steps is the recommended amount everyone should walk a day). Use this technique of breaking up your 30 minute work out throughout the day (while your watching TV, cooking, etc.). Another great way to get the proper amount of exercise in, is to walk! Walk around for an hour – go window shopping, check out the new park, go to the beach. Don’t start off running at 8.5 on the treadmill, that will just exhaust you and deter you. The key is always to push yourself a little bit every time. Just a little bit! And eventually you will be that person at the gym that everyone strives to be.


The Secret to Diet


When it comes to your diet, you should take that slow as well. Let me give you an example. Say your favorite food in the world is chocolate ice cream. You love chocolate ice cream and you eat it every day. Well my advice is, keep eating chocolate ice cream every day! Just put a little twist on this high calorie food. Choose low fat chocolate fudge bars like Weight Watchers Giant Fudge bars. They are incredible delicious, light and fluffy just like a slow churned ice cream. Weight Watchers has a ton of different ice cream bars to choose from. Skinny Cow also makes a great ice cream sandwich and other ice cream products. What I’m trying to say is give in to your vices, but in moderation. Get that chocolate in, but in a more effective way! Another good example is alcohol consumption. A lot of people come home from a long day and have a cocktail, wine or beer. My suggestion is to not go cold turkey on your alcohol intake. Yes, alcohol has empty calories and slows your metabolism, but breaking this fun habit right away will be hard. Instead of drinking a bottle of wine or a six pack, try and cut that in half. Or go for lighter alcoholic options like the Skinny Girl brand (which provides low calorie cocktails and wine), low calorie white wine like champagne or pinto grigio, and drink light pilsners or anything with the word “lite” in the title of your beer. A slow and steady climb to a healthy diet will be your best approach to weight loss. If you run up the weight loss hill too fast you may slip, fall, and never attempt to climb up again.


Ultimately, moderation is key. You can try the lose weight quick plans, because some of them are actually effective, but if that is not realistic give in to your vices and slowly progress to you weight loss goals. By using the “start slow” tactic you will lose weight in a simple and effective way. Giving in to your vices in moderation is a fun way to lose weight, and alleviate your incontinence.

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