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3 Types of Foods that Alleviate Incontinence

Deliciously Drive Away Symptoms of Incontinence


Those with incontinence knows life with leakage can be tough. So every little tip to alleviate incontinence helps! These three tips are an easy and fun way to alleviate incontinence. Why? Because they revolve around eating! Check out these three vitamins and minerals you should include in your diet. Deliciously drive away symptoms of incontinence.




Magnesium is maintains proper muscle and nerve function. This important mineral may also incontinence symptoms for this reason. When your muscles and nerves function properly the nerves and muscles connected to your bladder will respond better when filled with urine. Spasms will reduce and allow your bladder to empty completely.


According to a study at Tel Aviv University in Israel, “more than half of the 40 women who took magnesium hydroxide pills twice a day had improvements in their urinary incontinence.” These women also found that they didn’t wake up to go to the bathroom nearly as much as they did before the study.


Magnesium-rich foods include corn, potatoes, and bananas. I don’t know what kind of a dish those three would make together, but potatoes and corn makes sense!


Vitamin D


Your parents were right, milk is good for your bones! Vitamin D is promotes awesome bone health to give you superhero strength! You can battle incontinence like a champion if you intake more Vitamin D.


A study done in 2010 reported that women 20 years and older who had normal to higher Vitamin D levels had less pelvic disorders. Pelvic disorders include incontinence.


So don’t be afraid to eat milk, greek yogurt, egg whites and cheese!




The recommended amount of fiber to consume in a day is 30 to 38 grams  for en and 21 to 25 grams for women. But the average American only takes in a sad 15 grams daily.


The right amount of fiber fights constipation. The bladder and the colon are very close together in the pelvic area, so constipation puts an incessant and unnatural amount of pressure on the bladder. Constipation is uncomfortable and can increase the already uncomfortable symptoms of Urinary Incontinence.


If you have less than one bowel moment a week that is considered severe constipation. This can damage the neurological function of the pelvic floor muscles, which makes it harder to control your bladder. Urinary Incontinence then ensues, and you are left with bladder leakage. But if you alleviate any sort of pressure in the colon, like constipation, your urgency and frequency to go to the bathroom will decrease.


Basically…Your sensitive bladder is begging you to consume more fiber! Change up that diet! Whole-grain bread and cereal, barley, brown rice, oatmeal, beans, peas, apples, cabbage and carrots. And when you grazing or ready for a snack, eat some fresh or dried fruit, raw veggies, popcorn, whole-grain crackers or a nice handful of nuts.

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