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6 Clever Weight Loss Tips to Ease Incontinence

A Simple Weight Loss Lifestyle that Lessens Leakage


Keeping your weight down and living a healthy lifestyle is incredibly important for those with incontinence. Excess weight can cause numerous amounts of health disorders that link to incontinence, like diabetes. Obesity can lead to diabetes, which causes damage to the nerves that control the bladder. Heart conditions disrupt the blood flow and can seriously disrupt your bodily functions. Even if you do not have a health issues, the excess weight alone can cause incontinence. Having an abnormal amount of pressure on your abdomen and bladder can cause frequent urination and weakened pelvic floor muscles. This then leads to the loss of bladder and bowel control.


Losing weight is the first step to a happier lifestyle with incontinence. Every little thing you do to lose weight counts. Every burnt calorie and every bit of motion adds to your weight loss more than you even know. The healthier you are, the less leakage you will experience. Your body and mind gets stronger, and you gain more control. So if you want to lose weight with ease, you need get all the information and simple tips you can get!


1. Eat Breakfast


You might think skipping breakfast is a good way to consume less calories, but it doesn’t really work that way. Eating breakfast in the morning speeds up your metabolism throughout the day. And if you eat a substantial 300-400 calorie breakfast, you are less likely to over consume throughout the day. A high protein breakfast is the best way to go. It’s low in sugar and carbs and energizes your body with proper sustenance. You will feel fuller and your body will be way more satisfied throughout the day.


The best thing you can eat in the morning for weight loss are eggs. Eggs are low calorie and you can make a mean omelette that will fill you up by loading it with colorful vegetables. If you are not an egg lover, you can still consume protein with turkey sausage or turkey bacon. You could even have delicious parfait of greek yogurt, berries and high fiber bran flakes.


(Bonus: fiber lessens the symptoms of incontinence!)


2. Get on Up!


If you’re watching TV or sitting at the office, get up every half an hour. During commercial breaks or while your filling up at the water cooler, move around a little more. Find a place where you can get in some squats, or do a quick one minute plank. This strengthens your muscles throughout the day, keeping your blood flowing and you burn extra calories. This will also keep you from snacking, because you have another activity to do other than eat.


The added benefit to strengthening your muscles for even a quick one minute every half hour, is that overtime you burn more calories. With cardio, you initially lose a lot of calories. But with strength training, your muscles get stronger and bigger, so your body has to burn more calories to maintain your new lean muscles. Before you know it, you’ll be twice as comfortable in your clothes and looking fitter than ever. Get on up to tone up!


(Even doing the little things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or parking far way from your destination, will make a huge impact on your weight loss. The more steps you get in the better!)


3. Spoil Yourself


The worst thing you can do for a diet is deprive your body of what it’s truly craving. If you completely cut out your vices like a glass of wine or a slice of cheese, you are more likely to binge on these products and fall off the wagon. So instead of completely cutting them out, work them into your diet. When you are snacking throughout the day, choose low calorie snacks to consume like carrots and hummus. This will enable you to consume what you are craving later, and you won’t be going over your calorie limit. Don’t completely deprive yourself of the foods and drinks you love. A lot of people do this, and then once they consume their favorite treats they feel as though they have failed, and give up on their diet completely. Spoil yourself! With moderation.


4. Drink your Face Off


Countless studies have shown that drinking 16 ounces of water before your meals leads to weight loss. This is not because water has magical fat burning qualities. Water speeds up your metabolism by increasing your blood flow and easing your digestive system. You flush out fats faster once your digestive system is healthier and sped up a little more. Drinking water before eating also makes you consume less throughout the day. Many people confuse hunger with thirst. And if you drink more before a meal, you will feel fuller.


Your water weight loss plan betters with temperature differences as well. If you consume very cold water or hot water (like tea) your body speeds up to regulate the temperature. When your body tries to regulate your temperature your metabolism is faster and your blood flow, therefore you burn more calories. Drinking water is easy enough, so drink up!


(It’s important to drink a lot of water with incontinence. If you do not drink enough water, your urine will become more concentrated, irritate your bladder, and worsen your symptoms. Sip on water throughout the day instead of gulping, to avoid major leakage.)


5. Remix your Playlist


Obviously working out helps you lose weight, no one has to tell you that. But if you want to lose more calories as you work out, maybe you should go over your music playlist. Studies have shown that you will natural pick up your pace if you choose songs that have 180 beats per minute. While soothing songs may calm you during your workout, maybe you should treat going to the gym like going to the club, or a concert. Put those songs that make you dance onto your workout playlist, and you’ll burn more calories as you rock out.


6. Create a Distraction


Your cravings for bad food, good food any type of food, usually passes within ten minutes. So when you get hit with this craving, create a distraction! Get up and walk around. Call a friend, maybe you haven’t talked to your mom in a while, do it now! Meditate, do yoga, go on Facebook, practice your kegels, or paint your nails. Once you’ve created this distraction, the ten minute craving will pass by before you know it.


If you are having a rough time losing weight try out these six weight loss methods. They are simple, quick and unique. The obvious weight loss tips are cut down on your calorie intake and get more exercise. If you implement this unique tips with the obvious, you will see faster weight loss. Take control of your incontinence, and get a beach bod while doing it!

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