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6 Tips on How to Work Out with Urinary Incontinence

Control Urinary Incontinence as you Crunch


Many people with urinary incontinence tend to give up activities that they used to enjoy. The possibility of leakage feels embarrassing. But you should not let urinary incontinence control your lifestyle. Working out alleviates incontinence because you are healthier and stronger, which lets you control your leaks. Once you learn to work out with incontinence you can go back to everything you love like hiking, jogs and biking. Take these 6 tips and take back your life from urinary incontinence.


1. Dark Exercise Clothes


The darker the clothes the easier it will be to conceal a bladder accident. If you usually wear urinary incontinence pad but your leakage is heavier that day, your dark clothes will come in handy. Loose fitting clothes will help too if you want to keep your incontinence adult diapers discreet. Tight clothes, like yoga pants, could also help because they support pelvic floor muscles. No matter what the case is, stay dark.


2. Avoid Trigger Foods and Drinks Before you Work Out


These foods and drinks contain irritants that can cause the bladder muscles to spasm. These spasms can manifest the sudden urge to urinate and therefore increase your frequency of urination. Not only do these foods contain irritants, but they are caffeine and alcohol are diuretics. Diuretics are products that make your kidneys produce more urine.


Caffeinated Beverages and Foods (coffee, candy)


Alcohol (that margarita!)


Spicy foods (hot peppers, curries with a zip)


Citrus Fruits and Juices (oranges and lemonade)


Carbonated Beverages (diet coke)


Milk and Milk Products


Sugar or Honey


Artificial Sweeteners (Splenda)


3. Fiber!


The right amount of fiber (30 to 38 grams a day) fights constipation. Constipation is uncomfortable and can increase the already uncomfortable symptoms of Urinary Incontinence. The bladder and the colon are very close together in the pelvic area. Constipation puts an incessant and unnatural amount of pressure on the bladder. Eating a high-fiber diet can help remove sources of fatigue so you can get the best results from your workout. Eat fiber to alleviate symptoms of urinary incontinence!


4. Use a Tampon


This may only apply to the ladies…but it really does help! A tampon in the vagina puts pressure on the urethra. Pressure on the urethra means less leakage! This is mostly helpful for women with light leaks, but it can certainly improve leakage for other types of urinary incontinence.


5. Kegel It Up


I’ve said it time and time again, do your kegels. Kegels contract the pelvic floor muscles and prevent urine leakage. Implement kegels into your work out and you will have less leakage. Plus, you will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles at the same time. This means even when you are not working out you will have more control over your urinary incontinence.


Kegels are also implemented in bladder training. Bladder training, or pelvic floor training, trains your pelvic floor muscles to respond at appropriate times. For example, you set a goal of urinating once an hour. Then you slowly try to increase it to once every hour and a half. This will help you control urinary incontinence and you won’t lose focus on your workout.


6. Try a Pessary


A pessary can help those with stress urinary incontinence and incontinence due to pelvic organ prolapse. Pessaries can alleviate both light leakage and heavy leakage. Pessaries are round objects (made of safe and hygienic materials like silicon, rubber or plastic). They are inserted into the vagina to prevent leakage. You can wear it during your work out and take it out at night!


You should seriously consider these 6 tips if you want to continue to work out. Weight loss is a great way to alleviate urinary incontinence because less pressure is put on the bladder and extra weight can weaken pelvic floor muscles. So grab your adult diaper or absorbent liner and get into that exercise routine!

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