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What Feelings do Post-Pregnant Women Share about Incontinence?

What are the Common Emotions


Pregnancy related incontinence is so common, researchers believe almost every single woman experiences leakage at least once during pregnancy. For some women, leakage ends after birth, but incontinence continues for most post-pregnant women. About one in five adult women suffer from leakage, and deal with their condition in silence. Three in four incontinent women don’t even talk about their condition to health care professionals.  But if you look at the facts, there is no reason for this to be such a taboo subject – so many post-pregnant women have incontinence!


A Common Condition


With incontinence comes a range of emotions. Many women admit that their condition has a massive impact on their lifestyle, and everyday can be a challenge. Simply disposing of an absorbent brief can prove difficult, because incontinent women want their condition to remain a secret. Always Discreet did a survey on women who experience leakage, asking them questions about their lives, and the majority of these women had the same answers.


According to their survey, almost half of women suffering from incontinence (42%) feel older than they actually are, due to their condition. When they look in the mirror they do not see themselves. Instead they see an aging woman, who’s body is failing on them. Self-esteem is a huge issue among many women, so those with leakage have an even harder time being confident with their bodies. This is another reason why many post-pregnant women with leakage avoid sexual intercourse, because they feel far less attractive. The survey shows that 42% of incontinent women feel less attractive or feminine, and 44% saying they can’t remember the last time they had sex. Incontinence doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable sex life! Sexual intercourse is just one of the many activities incontinent adult women avoid. Nearly half (44%) don’t even have the confidence to wear the clothes they use to love.


Because post-pregnant women usually experience Stress Urinary Incontinence, even the smallest sneeze can cause leakage. So incontinent women tend to be less active. In fact, one in three (37%) of incontinent women said they would exercise more if they didn’t have leakage. Exercising less can worsen your, because you need to strengthen your pelvic floor in order to gain more control over you leakage. And the heavier you are, the more pressure is put on your pelvic floor, so your symptoms will get even worse.


Even though wearing incontinence supplies is a challenge in itself, they will improve your quality of life. Try to overcome the fact that you need to wear absorbent technology, and embrace the benefits. There are many discreet absorbent adult brief options for women with incontinence. If you wear an absorbent pad or liner, you can remain active and wear your desired clothing. Along with some behavioral changes, kegel exercises, and certain dietary changes, you can gain control over your leakage and take back your life.


Clearly post-pregnant women with incontinence (and women with leakage in general) are experiencing the same emotions all over the world. The popular television show “Jane the Virgin” is even addressing pregnancy related incontinence. You are not alone, so don’t suffer in silence!


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