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PRODUCT FEATURE: Always Discreet Absorbent Underwear Pull Ons

Everything You’ll Love about Always Discreet Absorbent Underwear Pull Ons


Always Discreet Absorbent Underwear Pull Ons…there are almost too many awesome things to say about this pull on! If you have bowl or urinary incontinence, this absorbent pull on applies to you. You can choose between heavy or moderate absorbency level to adapt to your personal amount of leakage. Or choose both levels of absorbency, our bodies are forever changing so might as well be prepared.


Always Discreet absorbent underwear prevents leaks using very modern absorbent technology. The makers of this specific absorbent underwear designed and Advanced Triple Layer Core. This triple layer core helps pull, trap and lock away urine wetness and odor.


The first layer pulls the liquid inside.


The second layer distributes the liquid so it is not condensed in one area. The makes sure it won’t break the padding and leak through.


The third layer locks away the liquid, trapping it in the most padded absorbent layer to completely prevent leakage.


Not only does Always Discreet absorbent underwear use an awesome absorbent design, but it’s also scented. The lightly scented aspect is dermatologically tested, so it doesn’t cause rash or discomfort. Because odor is a big part of having incontinence, the scented feature is great to have. Plus, OdorLock technology neutralizes urine odor instantly and continuously, helping keep your overactive bladder discreet.


The Always Discreet absorbent underwear is exactly what it sounds like – discreet! So it’s very easy to wear with stylish and comfortable clothing. It is a feminine adult diaper design with an intricate lavender pattern of twisting leaves and vines. The soft cotton-like purple waistband makes for comfortable incontinence protection. The purple waistband indicates the backside so you know exactly how to pull them on for a comfortable and proper fit.


Duel leak guard barriers comfortably holds your thighs, and absorbs quickly. The outer guard fits comfortably against your leg while inner guard creates a neat little barrier. Can’t go wrong with a double barrier! Makes leaks feel like no big deal.


Always Discreet absorbent underwear are not your everyday adult diapers. These underwear help keep you protected against heavy leaks and make your heavy, moderate or light incontinence feel like no big deal. Depending on which size you need for proper fit, the cost of Always Discreet absorbent underwear ranges from $71.99 – $81.99. And for this price you receive a whopping 63 pairs of these absorbent incontinence pull ons! From the family owned Dry depot supply, we will ship it free to your door. We want to make your life with incontinence as easy as possible. Live easy with Dry Depot and check out the Always Discreet Absorbent Underwear Pull Ons. Trust us, it’s worth it.


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