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Adult Incontinence Product Feature: TENA MEN ADULT PULL ONS UNDERWEAR

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Tena Men Adult Pull Ons Underwear are just what they sound like…they’re for men! These adult mens diapers are incredibly popular for a reason: They look and feel just like regular mens underwear. They are designed to contour the male anatomy. Because they look just like regular mens underwear, you will have ultimate discretion and comfort at the same time. You can wear them under khakis or your favorite pants. This is especially important for those who want to remain discreet during the work day, and important meeting or dinner party. Tena Men Adult Pull Ons are incredibly modern and designed to fit and feel like everyday underwear.


The comfortable snug, body-close fit is made of a soft and cottony material for maximum comfort and discretion. Men who have prostate issue related incontinence find the Tena Men Adult Pull Ons Underwear to be the most comfortable. These adult mens diapers absorb heavy leakage and remain supportive without putting too much pressure on the male anatomy. As you pull the Tena Men Adult Pull Ons Underwear, you’ll notice how stretchy they are. This provides an extra amount of comfort as it fits perfectly to your body type.


They are great for men with heavy bowel incontinence and urinary incontinence. Tena Men Adult Pull Ons Underwear have a new fit and core width between the legs allows fluid to move away from the body and across core-enhancing leakage protection.  This means the absorbent core flares out as opposed to absorbing in one area of the mens diapers. Total coverage for men with heavy leaks.


Tena Men Adult Pull Ons Underwear have been said to be the most absorbent protective mens briefs on the market. Others claim they have the best odor control as well. Because it has the flare out absorbent feature and a snug fit, odors are prevented from escaping.


This incontinence product is hard to find in retail stores, so Dry Depot is happy to supply them for you. The Tena Men Adult Pull Ons Underwear are thin enough to wear under your favorite clothes, provide heavy absorbency and have great odor control. Depending on your size you receive a whopping 56 – 64 pairs of these awesome briefs for only $85.99! Many men buy these mens diapers in bulk because, why argue with success? The Dry Depot family sends your incontinence supplies straight to your door, free of shipping. We want to make life with incontinence easy. Try out the Tena Men Adult Pull Ons Underwear. Trust us, they’re worth it.


Find all your incontinence supplies at Dry Depot and enjoy everyday free shipping. Don’t worry about running out of incontinence supplies by signing up for our convenient subscription program. Your incontinence supplies will be delivered to your home or place of business (per your choosing), discreetly and fast, every 30, 60 or 90 days.


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