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Incontinence and Coping As A Caregiver

Becoming a caregiver to an elderly relative or loved one who’s suffering from incontinence issues is not only a selfless gift; it’s also a life-changing undertaking. Every year, millions of Americans find themselves faced with the difficult decision of wether to place the care of their loved ones into the hands of a stranger or to take the responsibilities on themselves.rnrnWith a society that’s living longer than any previous generation, healthcare has become costly and many people feel as though institutionalized nursing homes and care facilities don’t provide the quality of care and attention that their family member deserves. With more and more people agreeing to take on the role of a caregiver, support is needed for them, as well as the elderly loved ones that they’re caring for.rnrnBelow are a few issues that most first-time caregivers coping with incontinence issues will encounter, and how to deal with them to ensure both the safety and happiness of those doing the caring and those who are being cared for.rnrnDenial and Resentment:rnrnMost elderly family members who are in need of caregiving due to their incontinence issues may be resistant to the help of their younger caretaker at first. Many people don’t feel as though they need help and will try to still perform activities that they’ve done their entire lives – although they have extreme difficulty doing so. Be sure to always talk to your loved one in a compassionate and understanding tone of voice and make sure they’re opinions are heard and considered when making care decisions. A little respect goes a long way in both earning trust and keeping awkward moments at bay.rnrnEmbarrassment:rnrnLet’s face it, nobody wants to admit that they need help using the restroom or keeping up their personal hygiene. Ever since we outgrew diapers as a child, our independence in those areas is paramount to our being. Being open with both your loved one and those around you is critical for the wellbeing of the relationship. Don’t be afraid to discuss those sensitive issues with those around you and with the one you’re caring for. You’ll be surprised at the relief that comes with getting everything out in the open – both literally and figuratively!rnrnPlanning:rnrnAs they say, planning is everything! When caring for someone with incontinence issues, being prepared is of utmost importance. Buying the correct incontinence products and making sure there’s always a proper supply on hand is crucial to you and your loved one. Ordering adult diapers, cleaning products and other medical supplies via a monthly subscription service can ensure that you’ll never have to make a late-night run to the store ever again!rnrnFor additional resources on coping as a caregiver, we suggest visiting the following sites:rnrnMayo

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