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Tranquility Pull On Adult Swim Diapers


Everything You Want to Know about Tranquility Pull On Adult Swim Diapers


According to Cornell University, about 25 million Americans experience Urinary Incontinence. The International Foundation for Functional and Gastrointestinal Disorders estimates that about 25% of men and women over 40 years old experience fecal incontinence. While incontinence is clearly prevalent, many with incontinence feel stigmatized and keep themselves from going out and enjoying regular activities, like swimming. But there is nothing to feel embarrassed about because incontinence is incredibly common, just look at the numbers. Pulling on a pair of absorbent adult swim diapers allows you to enjoy swimming and take your life back from incontinence. Tranquility Pull On Adult Swim Diapers make swimming with incontinence easy.


Tranquility Pull On adult swim diapers can be worn under bathing suits and shorts, and are fit for those suffering from adult urinary incontinence and bowel incontinence. These unisex adult swim undergarments are discreet and comfortable. The leg gatherings hold in leakage, yet remain high on your hips to remain discreet beneath your bathing suit. The blue moisture-proof barrier and inner leg cuffs provide containment of bowel incontinence while in the pool. Some of those with bowel incontinence insert a small anal plug as well as an adult swim diaper to ensure a fun leak free time. Tranquility Pull On adult swim diapers protect swimmers because they are built with an absorbent lining and a watertight outer shell. After your done swimming, all you have to do is pull them off and toss them in the trash. Regular adult diapers should not be used when swimming because they do not have the design of an adult swim diaper.


Tranquility Pull On Adult Swim Diapers are the ideal swim brief for urinary incontinence and bowel incontinence needs. Tranquility Diapers is a trusted incontinence supply manufacturer. Tranquility Diapers provide the mission statement, “To be an example of the right idea of business that operates and prospers from a principled base and tends towards uplifting, enlightening and enriching the lives of those it serves ‘that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.'” They make sure to have an effective product that meets all your needs, and in this case Tranquility Diapers supplies an amazing adult swim diaper.



With a trusted brand name and impeccable absorbent design, Tranquility Pull On Adult Swim Diapers meet all your active incontinence needs. We at Dry Depot make these usually hard-to-find adult swim diapers easy to obtain by supplying you with 48 – 88 pairs for only $72.99. The Dry Depot family makes purchasing easy, as we supply you in bulk amounts and ship for free! We want to make your life with incontinence as easy as possible. Live easy with Dry Depot and check out Tranquility Pull On Adult Swim Diapers. Trust us, they’re worth it.


Find all your incontinence supplies at Dry Depot and enjoy everyday free shipping. Don’t worry about running out of incontinence supplies by signing up for our convenient subscription program. Your incontinence supplies will be delivered to your home or place of business (per your choosing), discreetly and fast, every 30, 60 or 90 days.

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    I want a free sample of your adult swim diaper.

  2. Ryance Helber February 14, 2016 at 5:16 am

    I also need thick adult diapers with plastic backing that fastens on myself

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