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Monthly Archives: June 2016

What are the Foods and Drinks that Increase the Urge to Go?

What Foods to Avoid if you want to Decrease your Urge to Go rn Sometimes we forget how things we eat can cause our bodily issues. A healthy diet is very important for those with Incontinence. But hamburgers taste so good, and margaritas can Read More...

How Young Pop Stars Have Leakage Too

Many people who experience incontinence feel insecure that it is their body failing on them. That they are getting old and they feel unattractive. Well, bowel and bladder leakage is not a normal part of aging. Yes more older Read More...

What are Tips to an Active Life with Incontinence?

Incontinence is a life altering condition, but it doesn’t have to completely alter your life. Absorb every bit of knowledge and tips you can and learn to live an active and happy lifestyle. Read More...