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Category Archives: Pregnancy & Menopause

Coping With and Preventing Incontinence After Childbirth

For most women being pregnant is a life-changing experience. It’s a time full of joy, personal growth, anxiety, wonderment and a bit of discomfort. Everyone will tell you to cherish your pregnancy because after all, it’s a gift – Read More...

How to Manage Overactive Bladder During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard enough, why not alleviate the symptoms of your Overactive Bladder? There are tons of simple ways to manage your Overactive Bladder during pregnancy. These 5 tips are among the most common, and effective treatments. Read More...

How to Deal with Incontinence During Pregnancy

According to the Official American Urological Foundation, a quarter to a third of Americans suffer from urinary incontinence. More than half of incontinence sufferers are women. This is because pregnancy, childbirth and menopause can seriously affect the female urinary Read More...