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5 Important Tips for Incontinence Caregivers

Caregiving for those with incontinence can be an arduous task. Incontinence is not only a difficult condition to care for physically, but also emotionally. Many patients with incontinence deal with shame regarding their condition. This is why it is Read More...

Valentine’s Day with Incontinence

Be an Adult Diaper Dating Dynamo rn Why should Valentine’s Day with incontinence be different from any other Valentine’s Day? The truth is, it’s not any different. Okay yes, the chocolates may throw off your bladder/bowel control (because of the caffeine). And okay whatever, Read More...

5 Healthy Incontinence – Friendly Cocktails

Drinking alcohol lowers your ADH levels, so you frequent the bathroom. Obviously this is not ideal for people with incontinence. Alcohol also has a lot of calories, sugar and or carbohydrates which increases weight gain, and slows down your Read More...

Caring for Loved Ones with Nighttime Incontinence

Oh sleep. What a great part of life. Your head hits the pillow and you relax the night away. While your bundled up in the comfort of plush pillows and blankets your body rejuvenates. It’s like Toy Story. When Read More...