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Dry Depot offers the best in the way of incontinence pads and liners. Ranging across all absorbency levels we offer booster pads, everyday pads, guards and shields, overnight pads, liners and thin pads. With such an extensive selection, we’re sure you will find the ideal pad for your needs. We understand that finding a brand you can trust is important. For this reason, here at Dry Depot, we only offer brands we believe offer genuine quality, such as Always, Dignity, Kotex, McKesson and Prevail, as well as many more. In addition to providing a wide range of brands and shapes, we also aim to showcase products that use the latest technology in incontinence pad and liner designs. Many of our products are equipped with enhancements such as OdorGuard™, MaxSoft™ and FastDry™ technologies, making life with adult incontinence more manageable. All of these brands, designs and technologies can be confusing, but at Dry Depot we have a dedicated team of friendly staff who are happy to help you find your ideal product. Our helpful search refine tool also means that browsing our products is made easier, saving you time and stress in the process. So, if you’re in need of an incontinence pad or liner, take a look at our range today, we guarantee you’ll find the product perfectly suited to you.

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